Dean De Benedictis - Surface Vespers And Cesnass

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SURFACE VESPERS AND CESSNAS: For years, Dean De Benedictis, aka Surface 10, has strived to challenge the conventional side of even music forms that are considered cutting edge. He makes it a point to think a few steps ahead of any current steps, to him being worth the arduous extra work. On the track entitled "Surface Vespers And Cessnass," Dean implements a technique he rolled around in his mind a few years before trying out; he digitally chopped up consonants of whisperers, in a rhythmic fashion, to yield minimal beats. He then added further instrumentation over those rhythms, such as samples, melodies and synth parts. This is intended to conjure an aesthetic that involves the senses, moving from a pure musical effect into a sensory zone usually only experienced during subtle communications between people. Some people are extra sensitive to the sound of human whispering. The current name for this phenomenon is ASMR. It can be looked up online, and many people on Youtube practice it.


from touched two, released November 28, 2014



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