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My dad was first diagnosed with cancer in april 2001, but probably had been sick for quite a while without even knowing it.

At first, they operated him and tried all sorts of hormone therapies. With mixed results. It took these hormones quite a while
to adjust to his body, and were effective for a short amount of time, leaving him weaker and sicker than before.

Around 2009 there were no more hormones to treat him with. So they turned to chemo- and radiation therapy.

With the chemo some sort of pattern emerged. With every round he got sicker and weaker, until his body had adjusted to the
chemo, and then he would bounce back again. But never as strong as he was before he started the chemo.

He never lost hope. He always spoke about his illness as his "little problem", which was a real understatement. He always
remained very positive, until the very end.

His death came to us as a total surprise. And to him. He had just started a new round of chemo again. He was sure he would
bounce back again. He had plans. But his body decided otherwise. It al went really fast. We had fun and talks on tuesdaynight,
he fell into a coma on thursday night, and he died on saturday.

He never got to see my second-born son, he barely got to be the grandfather to my first-born son.

This track is my representation of him.

I am not sure how this track started. The beat-section was done quite a while earlier, and at one night I was messing around
with these beats and my then new SH-201 synth. When I finally had the moody bit, it all came together very quickly.

The moody progression represents the ever-continuing cycle of him taking the hormones and the chemos, getting sicker, the
bloodresults showing slight improvement and him starting to feel a bit better again, but then losing effect way to soon. When I
listen to the track, I feel there is hope in there too, until the very end.

Due to the hormones he could be very grumpy sometimes. The bassline is him "mopperend" about nothing and anything.

The last bit represents his sudden passing; him fading away...

My dad died on january 18th, 2014. I still miss him to this day.

When Andy Bass Agenda first mentioned this project, later named: "Touched Bass", I immediately said that I want to be part of
it. With "Track For My Father".

This is important. Please help us. This money can turn cancer tragedies into cancer triomphs. This music might not be your
thing, or maybe you don't even like music. That's ok. Donate anyway. And give the download link to someone else. But please: help us.


from Touched Bass, released May 27, 2016



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